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Je remercie chacun d'entre vous pour chaque message dpos ! C'est toujours une belle rcompense pour moi ... Amicalement ... Valy

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wTJVDxOYv de v2WhJj4q a écrit le 14-09-2017 23:46

I feel sorry for the other bad shit, but as far as the Iranian thing goes, where were you "I support those people" motherfuckers when the Shah was doing the same shit? Oh yeah, I forgot, he was our boy so shit was cool. Kiss my half "Black", half Arab ass

Ygynj7syX de UXfwi8sXKO3 a écrit le 14-09-2017 06:58

I just got ‘Season of the Witch’ this week. I’d read good things about it in other places. I’ve also got ‘Heartsick’ on my shelf thanks to your recommendation. Will let you know what I think of either.I like the sound of ‘Flood’ too – I’m not a big fan of sci-fi end of the world scenarios, but those with a natural leaning appeal. And I do like apocalypse fiction.

sL9U26Dg de SVNBQuO2wKK a écrit le 13-09-2017 12:38

Thanks for your comment Katrina. But I’m confused by your view that my column was scathing. I didn’t say that philanthropic work is not valuable. I made the argument that philanthropy is faced by structural challenges that make it more difficult to achieve high levels of performance than in other fields.

0hrlrfpp de DafpMk91WS8 a écrit le 13-09-2017 02:53

Jamie,Thanks for sharing your story. I can’t imagine how scary that was to go through. But I’m glad it’s all over with, and even more glad to hear about how well your daughter is doing! And I know all about the smaller thing….Noah is 20 months old, and still wears 12 month clothes. It’s always funny when someone asks us how old he is, and they look at us like, “really?!” ha,ha…

TvsykgAfO de b4oFyJgdd a écrit le 13-09-2017 00:46

Io ammetto che sono più mangiona, anche durante la settimana a volta mi concedo un brunch in solitaria… Senza saltare dopo il pasto ! Non si fa, lo so…grazie mille per la visita, sono contenta che le ricette ti siano piaciute!

vsekK1W4OB de xGWJlLWnD a écrit le 12-09-2017 13:08

so awesome on the fitness level youre feeling now! gotta love pushing yourself. but omg girl, my mom used to make dump cake ALL THE TIME when we were kiddos! seeing it just made me smile so easy, and so damn good.

5we61lvWNT de rKnVJCx2RZ4 a écrit le 12-09-2017 04:27

As Comic Book Guy would say, “Worst Lesson Ever.” I had the pleasure if you can call it that of teaching this lesson and I just kept saying to myself why is this lesson even in here. The whole point of the lesson is to live the gospel. There isn’t anything special that one should do in preparation for this event.The only thing that I found interesting was the discussion of the Parable of the 10 Virgins. It is pretty easy to figure out who the 5 prepared virgins are. But who are the 5 unprepared? Less actives? Actives who simply go through the motions? Does any of this matter?

amGfRdU7bez de AS5ZDScSB a écrit le 12-09-2017 02:59

A while back I think you posted that the offensive coaching staff was going down to Alabama to work with their coaching staff in regards to their pistol offence. Have you heard anything about this?

Nhc6zgD87Og de 8AYb5Gz5o2 a écrit le 11-09-2017 15:19

I love your quote at the top (well, Bennjamin's quote, anyway :) ), and your perspective on it. There is something of an extremist in all of us, but moderate, steady change will usually win out. Great goals for the year (and I am with you about getting to know my camera--my husband gave me "DSLR Cameras for Dummies" for Christmas and it is currently staring me in the face on my desk).

DRe0bx88KLG de cX1uSBkP2p80 a écrit le 10-09-2017 15:49

Rick spare the rod and spoil the child is all part of bibical and slavery mentality humanity has adapted to justify the need to show dominance over children or adults,and society has shown us when someone love you it’s easy for them to disrespect or hurt you,and when you’re hated you’re given the respect of fear form their animosity,so i feel the world needs a cleanse of the bibical and slavery mentality infected knowledge

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