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Je remercie chacun d'entre vous pour chaque message dpos ! C'est toujours une belle rcompense pour moi ... Amicalement ... Valy

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wIbg76fG5 de fZBNJoqH24A a écrit le 15-12-2017 19:43

To tweak one of Lewis Carroll's lines, your blog is getting comprehensiver & comprehensiver! Thanks again, & special thanks for the opportunities listed after the post.

VnmzxZ2z de mRXimmdk9q5z a écrit le 15-12-2017 19:04

It reminds me of the following verse from Footprints; a handful of lyrics by Selvarajan Yesudian... On this strange star I pace my days. Forgetting the footprints behind me, I know not the path I have to tread.Which of the many is my celestial home that I have left behind, high in the sparkling vault of heaven?

5VncoiqthNV de msR5uH3FHUK a écrit le 15-12-2017 15:01

hehe “it is important that you do not listen to this recording if you are driving or operating heavy machineary”usualy people don’t wan’t others to fall asleep during their youtube videothis is the opositeand i had to pause it ’cause it was making me too sleepy to think

jdegtRzBqE de 510tB11AjTY a écrit le 15-12-2017 07:08

Monica Beatriz,I don’t think is proper to ask such a question to Tessa.Why don’t you ask Peter yourself ?I suggest you put your last name first,along with your age,weight,height and status .It is a simple idea,above all practical.Good luck on your detective work.Have fun!

UcQTevL49f de eNy0N5sH6AY a écrit le 14-12-2017 19:33

"What was the alternative? People are starting to notice that the Earth is not warming"What is this supposed to mean? The global temperature records still show a clear upward trend.

7No1Gg5WWP de iZePgbd4KaC a écrit le 14-12-2017 18:36

What am I, chopped liver?Also, I selected that I check your blog daily – but since I check via RSS, the real answer is “whenever you update”. :)Also-also, why don’t you install the wp-polls add-on? Then you can play with polls all the time like I do. :)

akrX0iLC1M4 de Anexgh6Clh a écrit le 14-12-2017 11:42

February 13, 2009 at 3:13 pm</a>Yeah but usual disclosure requirements require you to state the worst possible outcome if it could happen I think we get diluted a lot here &#8211; but by wiping out the major debt risks we&#8217;ll still be doing better than 10 cents. Reply</a>

1BQhyveR de rpQ73RhVW a écrit le 14-12-2017 07:42

I wouldn&#8217;t mind reading this, as like you she was a big part of my childhood. I&#8217;m not one for audiobooks usually, but if she&#8217;s reading it herself then it&#8217;s preferable to the book. Will have to look it up.

1Xl7ONNx de q9xSY1wmTK a écrit le 14-12-2017 03:36

thanks for the homage to my help with the potatoes. by the way, despite the lack of flames. those cherries jubilee were damn delicious. in fact, dad and i talked about them again tonight.

79dpzADt de 0zmIKe6EonrX a écrit le 13-12-2017 20:54

Just a quick update on this clip. I was watching a video called Destination Trout : New Zealand when this clip sprung up. Great video, but at 3 hours in length, you might want a snack or 2.

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