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DAVID from Puebla, Mexico wrote on 26-09-2017 à 23:57

Beacon heard report.
69BY/B EJ79
Rx: Icom 706
Ant: Antron 99 at 6 mts high
Signal: S5
Time: 22:30 UTC
Grid Rx: EK09vb

christian from Bergerac / France wrote on 14-06-2017 à 20:00


Beacon received in JN04FU
RX : ICR8500
Ant. : T2FD

Best 73

Jorge from San Jose/Costa Rica wrote on 28-03-2017 à 23:11

Finnally the 69BY/Beacon is ready for the next cycle 25, beginig maybe on 2022 year, reports of test from indonesia, south India, Japan and Mexico, etc; on 13.985 MHz-CW.

Esward from Costa Rica wrote on 29-10-2016 à 14:29

69BY-Beacon the new on the air, camp tests and new antenna byquad, 5/59 clear here on limon costa rica.

31TX014 RICARDO from Oporto - Portugal wrote on 03-06-2016 à 01:37

Hello Stefan, thanks for contact (activation) today spoke with you on usb 27,510 by 19:48 pm I am no 14RS/000Q (31TX014) Amigo has some degree to deliver in electronic form? Thank 73's

14RS000 wrote on 21-07-2014 à 21:33

I do not know, but the station heard several times at 27,500

Ruud Vos from Utrecht-Holland wrote on 10-07-2014 à 20:39

I heard beacon 14V825 on 27500, who is the operator of this beacon?

palle 47AT124 from Frederikshavn / Denmark wrote on 29-06-2014 à 12:47

29-06-2014 11:43:54 47AT124 27600 USB Denmark France 14RS010 WKD thk 5-8 your 5-+10 mr stefane

14RS000 wrote on 15-08-2012 à 21:03

14ca101 TNX for your report

14ca101 from Bordeaux wrote on 04-08-2012 à 11:55

Complete my previous spot


14ca101 from Bordeaux in94qt wrote on 04-08-2012 à 11:50

RX de votre balise sur 27503 Khz
RST : 448
73's de Jean 12h51 le 04/08/2012

Cheng Li from Colón, Panamá wrote on 10-11-2011 à 22:56

I´hear 5/59 the Bravo Yankee radio beacon in 13.555 CW, here in Colón- Panamá, also hera this in 6.670, 27.550, and 70.0 MHZ.

Petr from Az wrote on 18-07-2010 à 15:49

Hi. New Beacon start maybe very soon. Bookmark follow website:
Best Regards.

Vladimir from St.Petersburg/Russia wrote on 13-06-2010 à 20:06

Now Rst 599 on 27.499 bpsk-31 beacon

Vladimir from St-Petersburg Russia wrote on 26-05-2010 à 07:57

14rs000 BEACON pwr: 5w ant: Dipole loc: JN38UO
26.05.10 06:30 UTC 27.499 Bpsk-31
RsT 599.

Andres from Costa Rica wrote on 10-05-2010 à 17:35

listen 69Div/beacon, on new freeband 13.561 KHZ CW-USB
listen some good contacts with 13-43 división's and 2 KR506 Mr:Tim in the calling frequency 13.555 USB
Thank you, from S.W.L listener....

Aleksey from Russia, Moscow wrote on 03-01-2010 à 22:09

I hear a CW signal at 27,499.
Thank you.

Jorge from Costa Rica 69 division wrote on 30-12-2009 à 23:18

69 División Beacon -Balise data:

Jorge from Costa Rica 69 division wrote on 30-12-2009 à 23:12

I' to see yor web site, about 14RS000 Beacon, and question yours ¿if is possible the permmision for put your link in our Bravo Yankee web site?

Jens from Cavalaire sur Mer wrote on 27-12-2009 à 12:36

I hear a faint CW signal at 27,499.

Plasencia from Plasencia (España) wrote on 27-10-2009 à 13:50

RST 529

14SD065 Didier from NR Toulouse (JN03QM) wrote on 06-08-2009 à 10:35

heard the balise 14RS000 rst559 on 27.500cw the 05/08/09.
My rig: IC7400 ant:Cub quad 1 elem horiz.

Tony from Russia wrote on 02-08-2009 à 13:28

вот не слышу я маяка!!!

50SM077 from Moscow/Russia wrote on 07-06-2009 à 19:33

429 on 1922UTC 07-jun-2009. Vert ant 1/2 & Pre Jackson.

14rs010 from strasbourg wrote on 02-06-2009 à 22:36

copy beacon rst 599

14rs000 from jn38uo wrote on 02-06-2009 à 22:27


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