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HA PHAM wrote on 31-01-2013 à 09:54

Bonjour Sycomoreen : les WPV ? un abuleux champs d'études imaginé par un ingénieur de géni

Remundo from Clermont Ferrand / FRANCE wrote on 02-11-2011 à 00:01

Hi Serge,

Thanks for your post, you should give a link to precise your works.

Bye !

Serge Klutchenko from France wrote on 01-11-2011 à 21:02

I'm working now Carnot engine. At low Delta T, it is twice better than a Stirling engine with 75% regenrator efficiency. In fact a Carnot engine
has no dead volumes and no regenerator. The temprerature shift between isothermal processes is obtained by adiabatic processes.
At the end it is possible to reach easily CNA efficiency at full power.
An the mechanical design is simpler than a Stirling. When Delta T increase The engine size become unfeasible. But under 300°C this is the best thermodynamic engine we can built. Nothing is better !

pascal HA PHAM from Chapelle Royale wrote on 11-04-2011 à 07:24

Bonjour ! : Superbes vidéos sur Cathy et Opale : il me semble avoir reconnu la route qui mêne à vos installations photovoltaïques....BRAVO ! magnifiques expériences électriques dans cette magnifique région qu'est la vôtre !


Remundo from Clermont Ferrand / France wrote on 12-12-2010 à 15:54

Hi Pascal, Indeed, we have worked a lot in 2010... And the gifts are there... Thanks !

I think everyone must keep to go ahead for 2011

Pascal HA PHAM from Chapelle Royale wrote on 07-12-2010 à 14:06

HI everybody,
I think It's only the bigining our TEAM history....will christmas give some other gifts ? Yes ! but only if you have been written to santa claus what you hope.... and if you have been working so hard in 2010 !
Have a great day


pascal HA PHAM from CHAPELLE ROYALE wrote on 15-06-2010 à 11:26

HI everybody !


have a great day

Pascal HA PHAM

Pascal HA PHAM from Chapelle Royale wrote on 28-05-2010 à 08:19

what is it ?

great score of your site on may 2010



Remundo wrote on 21-05-2010 à 10:19

Hi Pascal, thanks for your question...

The financial pay back-time is about ten years. The Carbon return on investment is about 4 years.

The duration of life of the panels is 25 years granted at 80%/90% of the initial electric efficiency (unless a climatic disaster like very hard hail occurs).

We're working on OPALE to shut down the thermal stresses, especially during summer and to raise up the production.

Bye !

pascal HA PHAM from Chapelle ROYALE wrote on 12-05-2010 à 09:11

HI Raymond,
your photovoltaïque installation is a big one : nice !
just a question :
how many years for the payback ?
with the selling of your electricity to EDF ...
"it's very good to imagine...better to do it"
in yout country you imagine and you do it : great ! great !
Have a great day


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