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DAVIE? great a écrit le 26-10-2014 08:58

Keep up the gospel work.

Prayer in chapter of matthew. Amen !!!

bgbggbgve a écrit le 19-03-2012 05:53

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<a href="">ipage</a> jos oiupy

Kristel de Belgium a écrit le 27-01-2010 16:12

Hi Dave,

I was waitin' for any news but... :-( nothing...
Give us some news please!! Or just let me know if it will never happen... Thanks. I'm coming here because no answer on facebook...

steven kasamba a écrit le 29-09-2009 13:34

hey Wizzy. Its a good job you are doing for artist. But can you please help us people who dont understand the language to translate in english i mean every link you have on the site but other than that very wonderful mate. By the i'm from Uganda based in UK.

herman a écrit le 07-05-2009 13:24

missing you.

Carolien Persoons de Belgium a écrit le 02-12-2008 17:03

Hey David,

How are you?
I've been looking for you on facebook, it 's about time you made yourself a member ;) Much easier to keep in touch.

Well, hope to hear from you soon, all the best!


(Hoorens nv)

lysanne de belgium a écrit le 28-06-2008 20:56

I hope you still remember me, the girl from the party on 21th june, the party from dina and henry.
I'm the daughter of dina. we talked just before you left.
I hope you enjoyed the party. It was nice talking to you and I am pleased to know you.
I really hope you still remember me. if you want to answer me, you can mail me:
kind regards

Esta de Kampala a écrit le 07-05-2008 10:32

Hi Dave ! I got to know of you through a mutual friend,Templar,in Uganda.I have not heard anything by you but would be interested as I like unique talent when it comes to music.Do you have an online CD? Esta

comBakanansa Hilda de Uganda a écrit le 11-04-2008 19:00

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Whats with the silence? Uganda misses you big time. Please keep in touch and do your thing as always. Chao

fab de bxl a écrit le 01-02-2008 11:08

i enjoyed your perfomance @park..try to show up often!! see you soon..

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