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Je remercie chacun d'entre vous pour chaque message dpos ! C'est toujours une belle rcompense pour moi ... Amicalement ... Valy

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amGfRdU7bez de AS5ZDScSB a écrit le 12-09-2017 02:59

A while back I think you posted that the offensive coaching staff was going down to Alabama to work with their coaching staff in regards to their pistol offence. Have you heard anything about this?

Nhc6zgD87Og de 8AYb5Gz5o2 a écrit le 11-09-2017 15:19

I love your quote at the top (well, Bennjamin's quote, anyway :) ), and your perspective on it. There is something of an extremist in all of us, but moderate, steady change will usually win out. Great goals for the year (and I am with you about getting to know my camera--my husband gave me "DSLR Cameras for Dummies" for Christmas and it is currently staring me in the face on my desk).

DRe0bx88KLG de cX1uSBkP2p80 a écrit le 10-09-2017 15:49

Rick spare the rod and spoil the child is all part of bibical and slavery mentality humanity has adapted to justify the need to show dominance over children or adults,and society has shown us when someone love you it’s easy for them to disrespect or hurt you,and when you’re hated you’re given the respect of fear form their animosity,so i feel the world needs a cleanse of the bibical and slavery mentality infected knowledge

lrrXS4XOM de P8KbiVYKM a écrit le 10-09-2017 06:14

So,but what prevailed on Tuesday - Embassy protocol? I take it you guys were the only org booked at LAC at that time no? Protesters? How come no one is divulging the nature of the "threats"

ydFit9be de EKt6rzQfCI a écrit le 09-09-2017 10:22

esquecem um ponto fulcral. foi a democracia que colocou no poder estes que agora impedem os outros de comparecer nos debates. foi o voto popular. ou isto tudo nasceu numa gaveta? hum? foi geracao espontanea? ou comecou tudo na tal democracia?

htdGI2yxhan de L7il9RyirOr a écrit le 07-09-2017 17:13

13 décembre 2010 J’ai été tenté un moment par la BlackRapid, mais j’ai finalement pris le même système chez Phottix pour seulement 35 EUR, le système d’attache est plus volumineux mais permet de fixer le mousqueton ou on désire sous le boitier, et pas forcément au niveau du pas de vis.Coté podcast, je pense que tu as atteins ton rythme de croisière pour ce qui est de la parole (débit, élocution) et le regard bien destiné au spectateur. Par contre, la qualité de la vidéo est en retrait par rapport au dernier, avec une balance des blancs plutôt… jaune

booO1E1C de cYiFPfzeS a écrit le 07-09-2017 12:10

Thank you for the last comment! It does give me hope for my cherry trees! I would love to know what variety they are. And, I will add extra mulch and coffee grounds. I have also pruned them so the sun can shine through a little easier! Thanks everyone!

rEbYDh8MM de FEaTer1HIU a écrit le 06-09-2017 02:56

Actually, in terms of DNA, Jews and Arabs share a lot of it. All that means is that both Jews and Arabs are of Middle Eastern origin. It does not prove that Palestinians have been on the land longer than anyone else. On the contrary,to call themselves Palestinians means they couldn't have been on the land longer than anyone else, as both Jews and Christians predate the name change.

U8OSdEHmg de VS9U9L2m a écrit le 05-09-2017 10:23

Field, sorry...but I do miss the eveelbigcity and edible food. There's this dog place...hole in the But the mystery tubes are...yum. Up in dutch country there is a burger joint that serves tons of everyone. DAs, Judges, police, Perps, businessclones, hookers(same thing), news folks. Greasy goodness. Miss it.Mold

641NMRYQojr de FVnh5S0ej a écrit le 05-09-2017 03:47

Love your muffins!I always use home-made pumpkin puree instead of canned one just for how easy it is to come up with! and it sounds more healthful!hv never tried brown butter, maybe time to kick start now!

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