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Je remercie chacun d'entre vous pour chaque message dpos ! C'est toujours une belle rcompense pour moi ... Amicalement ... Valy

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5prD07YeD de J7qJjQzXX a écrit le 21-10-2017 18:51

Great Clockhouse jacket Curtise, I like your laid back style here. I wonder does every family have a seldom seen kid, it used to be my daughter, any photo I ever took was of her back or her fringe hanging over her face, but now it's my oldest boy. Very Happy Birthday to your seldom seen kid! Hope he had lots of fun. xx

asco8Woc de qSz69qMD6 a écrit le 21-10-2017 12:39

We can disagree about how much government is necessary, and what for, but taxation is not theft.When it isn't' given voluntarily it is theft. Why should our taxpayers go to climate change programs that fund forced sterilization in India? Or to buy tanks for the Pakistani military?Theft is when someone takes something with no semblance of agreement and gives nothing in return.Nobody that I know voluntarily chooses to pay taxes. They are collected by threatening those that choose not to pay them with jail time. See Wesley Snipes as a perfect example.

K7Uxw4sdf de Q2uZoNLYn a écrit le 20-10-2017 07:21

Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

215EJsg78cA de 6LmkTlQSAve a écrit le 19-10-2017 08:05

Bene Ferrero, abolire prima la riforma previdenziale Fornero, il piu’ grosso furto da 50 anni a questa parte fatto ai lavoratori, poi continuare la battaglia per il ripristino dell’ articolo 18, pubblicizzi in ogni sede questa sua iniziativa, si puo’ coagulare il consenso di milioni di lavoratori derubati.

2k2BBgRd3J de udN91IHY0Dk a écrit le 16-10-2017 22:56

by Tom 0 comments var addthis_product='wpp-256';var addthis_config={"data_track_clickback":true};As mentioned before, I am not a natural designer, and my previous design attempts resulted in physical illness

X1gAWBaH9 de mSHRzf2jS0K a écrit le 15-10-2017 17:32

tus consejos son muy buenos y practicos… pero en realidad no es lo que buscaba… El problema, es que me gusta una chica que es seria, y no se como llegarle ya que cuando me le acerco para buscar oportuninades para entablar una conversacion con ella, simplemente me sonrie y me saluda de mano y se va… no “me da tiempo” para hablarle… por su forma en la que me mira se que le gusto… PERO ¿si le gusto, entonces porque no me corresponde o da ella el “siguiente paso”?… Porfavor escribeme a mi e-mail: -ACLARO QUE SOY UN HOMBRE,NO VAYAN A MALPENSAR, LO QUE PASA ES QUE ROBE LA IDENTIDAD-

Bi3GCamQ5Y de HKXZEcMqg a écrit le 15-10-2017 13:16

Commenting on other webcomics works to some degree, but I find that commenting is being replaced by Twitter and Facebook. Two valid reasons for having accounts to both. An option may be to direct discussion over to one of those areas – Twitter is a good spot for firing off quick commentary, and FB is better for things like this – a thread of comments.

PpiJGKcot de p612AQ7wJ6x a écrit le 15-10-2017 05:12

By , May 12, 2009 at 5:59 pmBut Chanel, it ISN’T weakness though! lol, I really think for you to wanting to know “why” to all those little concerns you have in the back of your mind truly does benefit you, it doesn’t hurt.Knowing why would give you a sense of closure and certainty.Knowing why would make you learn from your mistakes, if any.Example:Me: Why won’t you talk to me anymore?Dude: Because you smell.Me: Ok, I should work on that.

ctkXjWxP de 5SXDxOxuWK46 a écrit le 13-10-2017 21:09

hey bro! your awesome! god bless you!! keep it real! and wish you the best!!! have nice holidays! and enjoy the time with the fam! stay strong! GOD BLESS YOU! Thanks so much!

UIQaFmmg3OG de yxJltkva a écrit le 12-10-2017 22:31

Doar de dragul discutiei, un prieten absolvent de mecanica fina sustine ca o cheie poate deschide si 100 de lacate / incuietori, cu conditia ca respectivele lacate / incuietori sa fie de toata jena

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