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Gasquet from Paris wrote on 30-01-2013 à 11:23

Bravo ,toutes les informations que vous donnez sont riches merci
Je suis la fille de vasco gasquet j'ai vécu cette période en tant qu'enfant mais que de souvenirs merveilleux
Hélène gasquet

Peter Feely from Derby/England wrote on 14-01-2013 à 22:49

Thanks again to Fabrice who is a fantastic seller. You're always guaranteed what it say's on the box! Always has a great variety of desirable records on his list to tantalise the collector. I must mention the site is so user friendly.And the sound files always help.

Alexandra from Germany wrote on 13-01-2013 à 20:36

Great service,good prices, fantastic record - fast delivery and very nice contact. Thank you!!!!

Trakman from New Zealand wrote on 18-09-2012 à 10:51

Amazing service and records are in top condition.

Valentino 45 from berlin, germany wrote on 24-06-2012 à 18:03

heavyjavascript:smilies('%20%20'), heavyjavascript:smilies('%20%20') - the heaviestjavascript:smilies('%20%20') in psych freakbeat soul exploitica prog beat tropicalia or just weird & wonderful flowery poppy folky vinyl rarities i have ever seen or heard have always been part of the repertoire of these two!
good job and thank you for saving our culture!!!
respekts!!! javascript:smilies('%20%20')

Simon from Melbourne wrote on 24-06-2012 à 02:10

Excellent service as always, and what records! A truly magnificent collection on offer!!

david from iran wrote on 06-06-2012 à 18:05


Alberto from Extremadura - Spain wrote on 11-04-2012 à 12:18

Superb service and excellent condicion!! Many thanks for all. A+++++

Dimitris from Greece wrote on 19-03-2012 à 23:27

Excellent!Quick and reliable,high recommended!

S.B. from USA wrote on 01-03-2012 à 20:41

The good folks @ Ubupopland consistently turn up excellent records!! A great site for serious record collectors!!!

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