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The Bibliography of Juliette Benzoni

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Natasha from CROATIA wrote on 10-09-2014 à 09:07

Hello...I'm Natasha and great fan of Mrs. Juliette Benzoni's novels...I've read all the books she wrote, published in Croatia...and I'm happy to find your site about her and her bibliography...Love, Natasha.

Nishal Pranlall from Durban/South Africa wrote on 23-06-2014 à 12:29

What an inspiration.

Ester Balinger from United Kingdom wrote on 05-11-2013 à 17:03

Please there is not enough information being given to us since the Le Gerfaut series. Juliette has a very big fan base here and we have been searching for her books since then.

Eve Cockrell from Germantown, MD, U.S.A. wrote on 05-09-2011 à 06:00

Thank you for such a helpful site for information--I had no idea how many books Ms. Benzoni wrote--so few, sadly, translated into English! I have had the Catherine series since they appeared on U.S. bookshelves and REALLY appreciated the summarized translation of "La Dame de Montsalvy". I hope more of these books become available here and don't understand why not.

Frederique wrote on 16-08-2011 à 15:12

Welcome Muriel
Thank you for your message here, this is exactly for you, foreign readers of Juliette Benzoni, that I have created this site with my modest abilities in english
I am glad you find interesting all informations I have translated here
I aggreed this is a pity that they stopped translated Juliette's books... and even more that they did not translated the 7th book of Catherine.. and waiting for you being able to read it in french (congratulations to have bought the french book ), you can visit the site of my dear friend Mistral, a site exclusively dedicated to Catherine and she has done long summarisations chapter by chapter of that last book here :
Thanks again for your visit here and see you soon on line

Muriel Mudge from Denver, USA wrote on 16-08-2011 à 00:12

I have read the Catherine and Marianne books over and over again for 40 years. I wish more of Juliett's novels were translated into English because she is such a wonderful writer and many Americans would fall in love with her characters if they were given the chance. I don't know how the last Catherine novel turns out as it was never translated into English. I do have the book in French (hoping that someday I will magically learn French). Frederic, thank you for taking the time to create this web site for lovers of Juliette Benzoni books.

Eva from Germany wrote on 03-08-2011 à 17:19

A wonderful website about an wonderful author! I love her Chatérine novels. They are the treasure in my book shelf!

The webmaster : Welcome Eva Yes Catherine is most of the time the favorit bookseries of Juliette's readers .. probably because this story is the most translated one ... 27 countries so far (and maybe more) !!!!

Virna from Bogotá, Colombia wrote on 31-05-2011 à 22:01

Hi, I really like your page. I never heard of Juliette Benzoni, but a few days ago I found and read the "Jewels of the Temple", I fall in love with her style and I can't wait for more. Now I'm very sad because I can't find anywhere the next books (in spanish). I really appreciate if anyone could help me, give me a link or something like that.... Thank you very much and have a nice week....

Testking MB5-858 from NY wrote on 12-05-2011 à 12:11

you have done a great work appreciating! its really appreciated.

Marjory Cordoza from United States wrote on 10-05-2011 à 18:11

Thank you for all your hard work. It is so nice to read about Madam Benzoni, because I have loved her books in English for 40 years. Thank you.

The webmaster : Thanks and welcome on my site Marjory . I have created this tribute to our Queen of historical novelist for you, her faithful readers Unfortunately no enough english translations to my taste . See you soon here. Frederique

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